Do you need to make a portfolio?

I have been on many interviews and I know what employers are looking for.

Are you stressed about a project?

It is not the end of the world, though it may feel like one. I can help you come up with an idea!

What is the professional world of architecture and interior design is like?

I have worked with many firms and can advise you.


Helpful mentoring and counseling including:

• What to expect from college.
• How to be a successful student.
• Is this profession right for me?
• Helpful stress management solutions.
• How to fit into a college environment.
• How to develop time management skills.
• How to make the most of college resources.
• What it is like in a real office environment.
• How to deal with professors.
• How to set achievable goals.
• Portfolio development.
• Job search tips.



“I was so stressed out after a sleepless night, with no result. Alex helped me a lot with my project. He carefully listened to me, and calmed me down. After a ten-minute conversation he offered several ways to solve my assignment. My confidence came back to me. Together we came up with a design concept and a model for the project, which was favorably received by my teacher”.

-Natasha, Undergraduate Transfer Student
Interior Design

“My professor told me that I was going to fail my Design class unless I figured out the solution to the assignment. But I still could not figure it out because it was too complex. As a last resort I contacted Alex. Within one hour he helped me figure out the approach. Suddenly, it all became clear to me. I had a system to follow and I knew what my next steep is”.

-David, Freshman Student